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Thanks for checking out Fishbaugh and Associates/Private Investigator, Sacramento, CA. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a local Sacramento private investigator with expertise in discreet surveillance cases such as infidelity, cheating spouse and child custody. No one else comes close to providing our level of customer service, personal touch and daily updates for our clients, and we have the best rates in the industry. Call us anytime for a free consultation at (916) 541-2729.

Word Of Caution

A few words of caution I’d like to convey as you search for an investigator you can trust:

  • Make sure they are LOCAL. Some will pretend to be local, and often use an 800 number in their advertisement. Then they sub out your case to be handled by someone else (hopefully they are licensed) that you never get to talk to one on one.
  • Make sure they take the time to talk to you in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and shows that they care about your case.
  • Try to avoid those who put a big emphasis on their “police background”. Though my background also includes civilian law enforcement and Air Force Security Police, it has been my experience that clients aren’t usually looking for a “cop” for their private investigator.
  • Also, be very careful to avoid those who present a “Hollywood image”, and charge excessive, seemingly unreasonable hourly rates, with even more unreasonable minimum retainers.

Here at Fishbaugh and Associates, we are locally owned and operated in Sacramento, CA. We have the experience and expertise to discreetly obtain the answers you need on video, and as mentioned above we have the best rates in the industry hands down.



By way of introduction, I’m a former Deputy Sheriff and veteran NCO of the United States Air Force Security Police. I was responsible for providing the highest level of security for our nation’s nuclear weapons systems such as the ICBM Minuteman Missle System and the B-1 bomber. Fishbaugh and Associates’ commitment to ethics is second to none. That is our number one priority.

Surveillance Experts

While we are a full service private investigations agency, Fishbaugh and Associates specializes in the area of video surveillance, which consists of following subjects discreetly and documenting their activities on video for our clients. With extensive criminal, civil and domestic surveillance experience, we are your local experts in the areas of infidelity/cheating spouse cases, child custody/divorce cases, workers comp, AOE/COE, fraud, personal injury and undercover retail loss prevention (shoplifting) cases.

Case Example

For example, on a criminal case for a prominent homeowners association, I caught a burglar that was repeatedly breaking and entering into expensive homes. On a local domestic infidelity case, I caught and videotaped the husband cheating with not just one, but three other women, one of which was a prostitute. In addition, I discovered he had rented a separate private apartment where he was keeping the prostitute, purchased an expensive sports car that he parked at that apartment garage, and was living two separate lives behind my client’s back. On another workers comp fraud case, I caught a deputy sheriff lying about a work related injury, videotaping him off duty, unloading furniture from a truck after claiming he could not use his hands at all. On a loss prevention/retail theft assignment for a California grocery chain, 30 shoplifters were detained and charged in a 30 day period. (The store was in a high crime area.)


The expertise and experience we provide our clients has been developed over the years while working under some of the best investigators in the industry. Whatever the need, including effective ’skip trace’ and locate searches, as well as personal protection (executive protection) services, Fishbaugh and Associates is ready to serve your needs discreetly and affordably.