Background Checks in Sacramento, CA

Private Detective & Sacramento PI

Are you in need of a thorough background check for an individual? Fishbaugh and Associates is a full service private investigator in Sacramento, CA. Over the years we have developed a great deal of expertise in conducting detailed and comprehensive background searches on individuals for our clients, and we usually have the best price in the industry.

Background checks often reveal unexpected surprises, even if the individual does not appear to have any criminal record. Many private investigators claim to do a thorough criminal record check, but they only run the name through a national database. This is routinely ineffective because most often just a national database check will not reveal LOCAL criminal record(s) that the subject has.

This is because MOST criminal records at the county or city level are not entered into the national database system. Due diligence for a proper background and criminal records check requires determining what counties the person resided in most during their life, and specifically checking with those local counties for criminal records that may exist.

Whether for pre-employment purposes, a new dating relationship or a business partnership you are considering, Fishbaugh and Associates are second to none in providing illuminating background search information our clients. Call us today for a free consultation!