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Do you have a cheating spouse and need a private investigator in Sacramento specializing in infidelity surveillance? There is an indescribable stress factor and immense emotional pain weighing down on anyone who isn’t sure about their spouse’s monogamy. That issue of trust must be resolved. Often for my clients, most of the stress is relieved in simply finding “closure” and finally knowing the truth by using Fishbaugh and Associates, a Sacramento private investigator specializing in infidelity surveillance. Call us anytime for a free consultation at (916) 541-2729.

Infidelity Surveillance

Fishbaugh and Associates are Sacramento’s infidelity surveillance experts. We’re the ones to call when you need to catch a cheating spouse. No one else comes close to providing our level of customer service, personal touch and daily updates for our clients.

We have the extensive background and experience in this area to conduct your case discreetly and effectively, in order to obtain the answers and proof you need. We pride ourselves in providing strong, daily personal client attention at an affordable price, caring about your case where larger firms don’t, and in getting that important truth you need documented on video. (Below are just a few actual case examples)

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Case Examples

A routine surveillance of a Mormon man whose wife suspected something wasn’t right turned up much more than expected…I found and videotaped the subject frequenting a second residence/property he owned that his wife did not know about, a second WIFE my client was unaware of living at that residence, and if that wasn’t enough…two children from that second “marriage” as well. This was all going on in the same relatively small municipality.

On another occasion, I was hired to follow a client’s Asian-American live-in girlfriend, as he suspected she was seeing someone else. It turned out she was seeing multiple ‘Johns’, as she was apparently a prostitute on the side. I was able to obtain considerable video of his girlfriend going all around town in her expensive, brand new BMW convertible sports coupe, soliciting different men in parking lots, lining up ‘dates’ on her cell phone, and meeting those dates at addresses we documented around town.

Another unpredictable and interesting case occurred down in San Diego. It involved an ex-spouse and current business partner that my client, the ex-wife, was still supporting financially. She wanted him followed as she suspected he was ‘partying’ and squandering most of the money he was asking for her to provide him for ‘living expenses’.

During my routine surveillance of this subject, he surprised me by suddenly pulling into the parking lot for a chartered bus to Tijuana! I was unprepared because I had forgotten to bring my sombrero!

After he bought his ticket, I bought mine. I sat behind him and was able to obtain video of him on the bus. I was worried about what might happen trying to go through Mexican Customs, because in the heat of the moment, I forgot to grab my I.D. from my van!

Luckily, this chartered Tijuana bus from San Diego had some arrangement with Mexican authorities that allowed us to totally bypass Customs. Within only 15 minutes we were unloading in TJ. I was amazed not only by this fact, but also because I had never been to Mexico, let alone the notorious town of Tijuana.

I obtained video of the subject as he walked ahead of me down the main drag, frequently approached by street merchants and homeless types trying to sell candy or crafts. Finally the subject ducked into a hotel next to a topless adult club and reserved a room.

I immediately notified the client by phone, and she told me she was immediately going to make the two or three hour drive from somewhere around Palm Springs. She said, “Don’t lose him…I’m on my way right now!”

Sacramento Private Investigator, Fishbaugh and Associates

As I waited for her to arrive, the subject had dinner at a Mexican cantina across from the hotel. I found a table in the shadows on a side aisle where I could see him, but where it would be hard for him to look in my direction.

In doing so, I was able to position my camera under the restaurant menu and video tape him while he had a street merchant make him a piece of jewelry, presumably for the ‘date’ he was meeting. All this was enough to prove what my client suspected about what he was doing with her money.

But there was more… When the client finally arrived, she bribed a Mexican ‘policia’ who coerced the desk clerk to tell us which hotel room the subject was in, and I ran video as the Mexican cop knocked on the door.

The subject finally answered somewhat out of breath, his eyes bloodshot as though he was on some drug. The room was a mess, with bed sheets partially on the floor. Unfortunately his ‘date’ had apparently already come and gone. Still, the mission was accomplished for my client, who was pleased to catch the subject engaging in such activities on her ‘dineros’. Fortunately she was able to help me explain my lack of American I.D. as we came back through Customs.

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